KAT-TUN Akanishi’s BANDAGE advancing globally, opening in Taiwan & Korea

Akanishi Jin (25) of the popular group “KAT-TUN”‘s first movie “BANDAGE” will be distributed in Korea and Taiwan starting the 16th. The distributor, Toho, is “under negotions with (other) countries”, so it seems like the rock band vocals of Akanishi’s will be heard all over the world. As of today in Japan, it’s been released on 214 screens across the country, and box office revunue is expected to start at 20 billion yen. In Tokyo, Akanishi and the others had a greeting where they celebrated the movie’s opening and global advancement.


There is some great news with the premiere of the movie. It’s been decided that the movie “BANDAGE”, starring Akanishi, will be distributed in Taiwan and Korea. Furthermore, it seems that other countries are voluntarily negotiating a release.

For Akanishi, who hasn’t had any overseas performances with KAT-TUN, will this time step into foreign markets with his group activities.

Acting in this film is of course, the rock band LANDS, who last November came out with the single “BANDAGE”, and this month on the 13th came out with an album “Olympos”, were a big hit. It seems that the two faces of drama and music will be recognized worldwide.

With such good news, Akanishi, at the main screening building in Tokyo, Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills, appeared with Kitano Kii, Anne and others. They celebrated the premiere and global advancement with the fans.

The movie is about Natsu (whom Akanishi plays), a leader of the rock band LANDS that’s having some conflicts, and the growing up that comes with adolescence. Appropriate of a movie about a rock band, the shooting was the same production as when the artist Yazawa Eikichi sang “Tomaranai Ha~Ha”, where the fans threw their towels.

With 500 towels thrown up all at once, the theater completely changed into a concert hall. Furthermore, 1 towel managed to hang off of Akanishi’s head. Akanishi wore the towel jokingly. Different from the shameless attitude of the group, his expression was very loose.

He responded admirably with, “I’m filled with gratitude to everyone. Since we’ve been shooting since the year before last, it’s like, it’s finally open”.

Translated by arama_translate


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