Akanishi Jin Charmed 2800 people with Last Live of LANDS!

Akanishi Jin, starring in the movie “BANDAGE”, held the last one-night live as a member of the band LANDS at SHIBUYA AX Tokyo and charmed 2800 people in two lives. They performed all 7 songs including the single “BANDAGE” released last November, with Akanishi as vocal, Kaneko Nobuaki as drummer, and director Kobayashi as keyboard.

The live started with the first album titled “Olympos” which was released under the name LANDS, and the atmosphere of the venue reached a high point. There were more than 70 thousand fans who applied for the tickets with the postcard attached in the theme song CD and the sticker of the advance ticket. Only one lucky fan out of 50 was selected and each of them was truly excited.

Akanishi acted in a very cool way from the beginning to the end in the live. However, after the live, he said: “I have participated in the whole process of the CD production from the very beginning, so I have a strong love to the songs. Now we are very proud of the band. I hope the work will be loved. Please write today’s event down as one page to your life.”

“Finally we reached the final page.” said the director Koboyashi full of emotion. The screen writer Iwai Shunji went on the stage in a hurry and expressed deep regret to the disbanding of LANDS: “If the band could continue to work for one more year, there would be much more possibility.”

“BANDAGE” is a film with the background in 1990’s with the band boom. And some young people were struggling in pains and worries for major debut of their band. The movie distributor TOHO has already decided to air the movie in South Korea and Taiwan. In addition, the movie will be adapted to drama in South Korea as well.

Akanishi: “Thank you for coming to the LANDS live event yesterday. There are a lot of people have watched film already. I hope more people know the songs and enjoy them as well. Please connect them with the movie. Recently I am not only being busy with the activities of BANDAGE, but work of You&Jin, too. Please continue to support me!”

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