GACKT To Participate in Sengoku-Samurai Festival!

It has been revealed that on March 6th, GACKT will be taking part in the [戦国武将祭/Sengokubusho Matsuri (lit. “Samurai Festival”)] at Saitama super Arena.

Moreover, this will be in recollection of his NHK Taiga-Dorama Appearance in [Fuurinkazan], where he played Uesugi Kenshin. He has also been assigned responsible for the theme and ending songs of the game [戦国無双3/ Sengoku Musou3] as a collaboration with game producer KOEI.

The Festival, which is set according to the collaboration for the game and dorama regarding the setting within the “Sengoku Era”, will be the biggest event for GACKT, when considering the scale. Costumes and settings will all be connected to those of the battles of the samurai master within [Sengoku Musou3] (for Wii), to which GACKT also contributed the voice acting, as well as his role in the Dorama and of course his own live performance. For 2 days about 80.000 people are planned to be mobilized for the whole event.

Of course GACKT will mainly be seen as a music artist within that aspect.

s: musicjapanplus

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