Hey! Say! JUMP Yamada Always Feels Free in the Drama

Hey! Say! JUMP member Yamada Ryosuke was interviewed about his first solo starring drama series “Hidarimetantei EYE/左目探偵EYE (lit. Left Eye Detective) “. “I can feel the responsibility on my shoulder.” The freshness to strengthen himself can be found from his words.

Ainosuke, the character played by Yamada in the drama, is a high school student filled with sense of justice. Comparing to him, “The action power of the character is similar to me. I am the type that I will do something suddenly without any thinking.” he seems to be the emotional type. “I always follow my feeling.” so the work won’t be a burden to him.

As to the performance, it will be easier if the actor read the script and then go and feel the on-site atmosphere before filming. “Sometimes you can not go to the scene. So you have to act according to your emotions.” Therefore, there are some difficult scenes to act in this drama such as playing with expression only and the intense confront position between two brothers.
“Actually, it is always finished before I know whether I get into the role completely. However, it is fun.”
Yamada will continue to challenge the movie and voice artists. We can see the big progress of him in this drama.

In addition, he answered Q&A section with fans.

Q: Where do you want to go overseas?
A: The place with beautiful sea.

Q: What type of female do you like?
A: Tender and obedient girls.

Q: What kind of original dishes do you cook recently?
A: I am too busy to cook these days.

Q: Which senior colleague do you respect most?
A: (KinKi Kids’s) Tomoto Koichi-kun.

Q: If you are going to keep a sloth, what will you name it?
A: I haven’t thought about it. Maybe BokeBoke.

Q: What’s your nickname in your elementary school period?
A: Yama-chan.

It’s totally Yamada style answers! Keep your eye on him!

s: musicjapanplus



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