Nakajima Watched Yabu’s Musical in High Spirits!

Hey! Say! JUMP member Nakajima Yuto went out for a walk the other day…

“I went to watch ‘SHE LOVES ME’ with Dai-chan (Arioka Daiki)…and it was ‘Yabu Kota’! So cool (laugh)
It was so fun that I enjoyed it a lot. I talked with Uekusa-kun (Uekusa Yuta) after a long time absence, and spent a happy time with Tottsu (Totsuka Shota) and Tsuka-chan (Tukada Ryoichi) as well♪Let’s do our best!”

Yes he went to watch the stage production of Yabu-kun who is in the same group! He also felt and thought a lot after having fun with actors.
“I would plan my new year goals one by one in detail, and move forward steadily! Yes yes, I should JUMP more than in 2009!” He commented promisingly!

Every member in the Hey! Say! JUMP will JUMP forward in 2010! Keep your eyes on them!

s: musicjapanplus


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