Hey!Say!JUMP- Many Members, Troubling but Solid

Many Members, Troubling but Solid!
— GADIS Magazine (No: 03 . XXXVII . 26 Januari – 4 Februari 2010)
Members: 10 people
Names: Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Morimoto Ryutaro, Okamoto Keito, Arioka Daiki, Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei, Yaotome Hikaru, and Yabu Kota

–> The Troubling Hey!Say!JUMP

These ten boys like to eat together. If they’ve gathered, they would be interested in eating. Not only in a restaurant but also in a side walk. “A place isn’t the matter, but it’s about what’s the food to eat. We used to debate to decide what to eat, either sushi or junk food,” said Chinen.

Besides debating around food, these owners of ‘Hey!Say!’ single also like to debate about their favorite types of girls. The other members like to protest over the others about the girls they like. “(laugh) But it’s just about that, we don’t fight over our favorite types of girls,” said Yamada who likes a girly girl and use to be protested by Morimoto who likes a serious girl.

Not only about girls, pets could also be a problem for Hey!Say!JUMP. The problem is that Nakajima brought his dog along while they were practicing. “I just don’t know why, my dog is cute, its color is brown but the fur is white, so it’s like my dog wearing socks,” said Nakajima excitedly. That’s why if he brought his dog, the practice won’t run well. “But after being told (not to bring his dog), I’ve never bring him again,” he said.

–> The Solid Hey!Say!JUMP

Even tough they always have different opinions, but these boys whose age average ranged 14 til 19 years old are truly stick together. It’s seen because they like to spend their time with karaoke-ing together. “If we are karaoke-ing, we are not allowed to sing our songs (I think they made their own rules). So we used to sing the funny and interesting children songs,” said Yabu.

With gathering together it makes them become more solid and know the members personality. All of them know that Chinen used to yawning if he’s nervous and Yamada’s favorite, strawberry. “They also know that I like to write something before I go sleeping. And they always curious in what I write,” said Yaotome.

S: virtualjapan.net


  1. #1 by deathscythe23 on May 29, 2010 - 9:00 am

    i will guessed what hika is writing.hmm..maybe it will be a diary where he wrote memorable and happy things..haha…

    -oh..i’m the same with chii.i’m yawning when i’m nervous demo added to that is stretching like when u juz wake up..note:even in school,i’m like that..sometimes there’s sound…so i get the attention of my classmates,though now,they’re used to it already..:)

    -demo,why inocchi has no lines here..~tehee~i thought he will be the one in the first scene..about the food..we also,(w/my friends)we are debating in what we will eat..but we came out always in a decision..”…what the one wants/ordered will also be the fud of all of us.”.and we don’t care whether what kind of food are they as long as it taste delicious..or sometimes looks delicious so we ended up with..”no comment”.haha…

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