Arashi’s private life – Popolo2010-03 translation NINO

Ninomiya Kazunari’s 24 hours of private life

In my case the ideal is the same as the usual day off.
To tell the truth lately my sleep time is a little scattered, but it’s like if i could fell asleep within 12p.m. would be nice.
On my days off i’m alwaaays at home, doing the things that i like, and if i can do them at ease that’s enough.
Before i also used to do new magic practice at home, but lately i’ve been doing them in the pauses at work.
Even if the people around me see them they wouldn’t notice it’s a new trick so there’s also no need for me to do it secretly (laugh)

Games and music.. it’s that repeatedly (over again).
Often the work from the day before lasts until morning, from this point as i go to sleep when i get up is almost lunch time.
I switch my alarm clock off then i awake and feel like getting up.

Then it’s time for games and music….
If i felt like doing something else that would be for exaple watch tv..
I play some music i like with my guitar and compose music, but if i’m really composing with all my might then i won’t play games.
I eat or also not.
That is if i’m doing something i like then my appetite won’t well up (laugh).

The time you received the most Valentine chocolates how many did you receive?
Weren’t about three??
I absolutely can’t recall what situation was or what kind of chocolate i received but…
From whom?
Mmm.. but i remember i received it from my mother! (laugh)




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