Big Bang Interview for March Junon

5 People, 5 Personalities

yb: G-Dragon’s personality is..crazy. (laughs) Not in a bad way though of course. He gets really into what he’s doing whether its working or playing, so… I say crazy.
gd: Yeah I really am, thanks! (laughs) TOP’s crazy too. (laughs) And manly. The manliest person ever!
top: No, he’s joking. (laughs) Daesung has a really optimistic personality and he kind of draws people to him. He’s full of charms.
ds: I have a bright personality. Taeyang is warm and kind to his members. He also gives us lots of advice and feedback.
top: Seungri’s the youngest, and he’s always dreaming of freedom. (laughs)
vi: That’s right~.
top: He’s a passionate person who wants to do many things.
vi: Yup, I’m always working to achieve my dreams!
gd: He’s Big Bang’s maknae [youngest], so everyone favours him and finds him cute.
top: He might also be the kid who gets bullied by everyone cos of his position. (laughs)
yb: True, he may seem like the bullied character to people. But it’s only because there are no walls between us members, so we can tell each other anything.
vi: A little bullying can be passed off as aegyo [cuteness]. (laughs) But I don’t like it when G-Dragon bullies me cos he can be really harsh sometimes….Joking! (laughs) I trust him so its ok. Our members are really close and it feels like a family.
gd: All five of us are so different as individuals, so there isn’t really anything we want each other to change. Because it’s only Big Bang if we all show our own individuality. I think it’s good for each member to express themselves truthfully.

Things You’re Into At The Moment

yb: My dog Boss. He’s a male Boston Terrior . He’s always full of energy and he’s so smart so it seems like he can understand what I say to him. I play with him a lot and he sleeps on my bed often.
vi: I like Japanese dramas, “Nodame Cantabile” was really good. At the moment I’m watching “Rukizu”. I really like Ania (Ichihara Hayato)! And I’m a fan of Miyazaki Aoi so I like movies like “Shonen Merikensaku” too. The other members are watching “Hana Yori Dango” at the moment.
I’m learning Japanese through dramas and movies so Taeyang, Daesung and I often converse in Japanese. But I’m the best at using slang and words/phrases that are ‘in’. (laughs) Bad words are fun so I memorise them right away. (laughs)
yb: My Japanese isn’t quite there yet so I want to study harder and get better.
ds: (looks at February issue of Junon) I’m into Junon at the moment! (laughs)
(happily rips open the little envelope at the back of the magazine and looks at the Seto Koji trading card inside) Cool!
gd: I’ve finished solo activities in Korea so I have a lot of time on my hands. I’m really into my ‘free time’ at the moment. I’m sleeping in till whenever I want and meeting friends and stuff.
yb: This was a while back, but last year,we had decided to do something fun at Christmas, all five of us since we’d been busy in Korea and Japan all year. I was the organiser so I was really concentrating on that for a while. But our plans were crushed when all the end-of-year events arrived. (laughs)
vi: It was a pity~ (laughs)
vi:안타깝네요~(웃음). { I’m so sorry~(laughs)}
top: What we were planning to do will remain a secret. (laughs) But although we had to give up our plans, we were able to be on “Music Station Super Live” so I hope everyone was happy. We’ll keep doing our best!

What You Hate Most in the World

gd: In Korea there’s this fish called ‘gaebul’ that people eat raw. I just can’t eat it.
vi: I hate ginger. I don’t eat anything with ginger in it, even if it’s just a little bit.
ds: I hate eggplant. It made me sick once when I was little and I’ve hated it since.
top: I don’t dislike anything! Cos I think we have to accept everything in this world.
the other four: Wow~!! (clap)
top: Am I manly or what? Just kidding. (laughs)

Your Ideal Girl

ds: Someone who is pretty when she smiles and who can be of one mind with me. I like people who love me. (laughs)
vi: Someone with a pretty voice. I like voices like Miyazaki Aoi’s. If I was really busy and we wouldn’t have time to see each other much, it would make me happy to hear her bright voice on the phone. Since it always cheers you up when you hear the voice of someone you like.
yb: I think I would like someone who can understand what I’m saying and thinking, and has many qualities that I can learn from when I’m with. I want a girlfriend who is polite and modest.
gd: I like girls who are a little playful and like playing pranks. I like people who are unpredictable and can surprise you. If I come to like a girl like that, I’m gonna hold her tight and never let her go. (laughs) And if I get a girlfriend, I don’t want her to be nice to other guys. I want her to show a special side of herself just to me, like aegyo [cuteness]. If I come to like someone, I would probably show them a different side of me too.
top: I like girls who understand me and think the same way. I like people who are more relaxed and calm as opposed to noisy people who badmouth others. And people who can dress and accessorize themselves well. If I got married to a girl like that, I think she’d decorate the house really well.
ds: It’s Valentines Day soon. People in Korea are probably a lot more excited and busy about it than in Japan.
yb: But I think it would make the person you love happy if you gave them gifts on ordinary days too.
ds: I buy myself chocolates every year. (laughs)
vi: I used to get chocolates from seniors or juniors when I was a student. I would leave them in my drawer and they’d all melt. (laughs) I remember cleaning it up thinking ‘what a waste…’. It was sad. (laughs)
gd: I’ve received chocolate in the past too, but it’s probably because they thought “Noone’s gonna get that kid chocolate” and felt sorry for me . (laughs)
top: People give chocolate on Valentines Day?? I had no idea. I never have…. Jokes! (laughs)
yb: I want to make a lot of nice Valentines Day memories in the future.
top: I think this year’s Valentines Day will be a good memory since we’re having our concert on the day at Kobe World Hall!

Something That Surprised You In Japan

ds: When I first came to Japan, I was really shocked and surprised because the cars were moving by themselves without anyone driving. It turned out Japanese cars’ driver’s seats are on the other side. (laughs)
vi: I was surprised at the meal tickets at a ramen shop we went to. You put in the money and the ticket comes out and then you buy ramen with the ticket… The only places in Korea that have meal tickets are convenience stores on the highway so I was shocked that they had them in a normal Tokyo shop.
gd: What surprised me the most was that WE WERE IN JAPAN AT CHRISTMAS! (laughs)
the other 4: (laugh)
yb: Like I said before, we had been planning something so when we were told that we were going back to Japan we all went “Whatever~! You’re lying, right?” (laughs)
top: It’s even more surprising that we’re having a Japan Tour on Valentines Day too.
gd: The greatest surprise of my life is that we’re spending Valentines Day as well as Christmas in Japan. (laughs) It’ll be bad for my heart if I get any more surprises. (laughs) Still, as long as our fans are happy we’re happy too so I’m really looking forward to meeting our Japanese fans in February.
top: We’ve only come to Japan for work, so I want to travel around slowly. I stayed in Akita 2 years ago for filming and it was such a nice and quiet place so I want to go there privately some time.
gd: I want to go to Mount Fuji. We could see Mount Fuji from our hotel room when we stayed in Tokyo once. I want to catch the clouds up there.
yb: I want to go on a trip to Okinawa. I want to go to the Churaumi Acquarium there.
ds: I like hot springs so when we have time, I wanna go to a Japanese hot spring!

Big Bang’s Dreams

ds: I want our Japan Tour in February to be a success, to perform well so that everyone can be happy.
vi: It’s our first Tour since we had our major debut in Japan so I want to show a new side of Big Bang. We’re really looking forward to it since we’ll be performing on big stages like Yokohama Arena and Budokan!
gd: I want our show to not just look cool but for it to feel like we’re meeting friends who we haven’t seen in a long time. I hope both us and the fans can have a good time.
yb: I want to show people more good music in the future as a member of Big Bang as well as an individual artist and to move people’s hearts. And also show lots of great performances.
ds: And I’m working on my new Korean album at the moment so I hope that comes to be a success.
top: I’ve been filming a movie in Korea so I hope I can keep doing my best to make it turn out well. And I want to keep being passionate and hot. [literally translated as ‘hot’ but it means like, driven) Like I have a bunch of those portable heaters stuck to my body! (laughs)
gd: I want to become more adult-like. (laughs) I’m still like a kid sometimes so I want to become more grown up.
vi: My goal is to help people achieve their dreams. I want to make like an academy or something for kids dreaming to become singers or artists and support their dreams.

Trans Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP
Source: 빅뱅활력소 @ VIPZ

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