Yamada Ryosuke – solo part in WinkUp feb 10

Hey ! Say ! JUMP

Jump is really warm. Even if I have other activities, I’d come back to Jump and calm down. I didn’t choose to be one of the members of Jump but, I think it was surely destiny. Because when I’m with Jump, I think that it was good to be chosen.

Drama work

A drama is a place where I can really grow up, (to adulthood) but because of that I think I must really do my best. For example, when I watched “Hidarime tantei EYE” SP, I wondered if I could have played Ainosuke more skilfully. This is something I really regret. Because I want to do dramas that no one except me can do. I’m really strict with myself. So I think that I want to act so that people will say that it’s Ainosuke and that Yamada disappeared ne.


I counted recently; I have about 300 mangas in my room. It seems a bit otaku ne? (laughs) but mangas are funny and we can also learn things from it so I think I’ll continue to read them. Because it’s something we can enjoy even when we’re adults ne?


Soccer was something I did really seriously before I entered Johnny’s and I still love it. I often play near shores of a river, places like that. Now I’m enjoying the fact I have many possibilities/occasions to do a job. So now, I don’t regret to have stopped soccer. But it does feels good when I kick the ball.


It’s the thing I prefer in food. I can eat them until I worry wondering “Maybe my face will turn red” (Laughs) No matter how much I love strawberries, it’s not because of their taste. Because people often offer me strawberry ice cream but when it comes to ice cream, I prefer soft ice cream. (Laughs)

Two wheels board

Maybe I’m without doubt the best in Johnny’s? I bought it because I thought “What’s this?” But because there are only two tires, it’s difficult to find a good balance. Maybe I became good at it because I couldn’t get a hold on it and I thought “Oh sh*t!” na~


I often talked about ghosts, but no one sympathized with me~ Ah but it seems that Dai-chan began to like it. Though, it is creepy/scary to talk about ghosts all by yourself. (laughs) So I want to teach Dai-chan knowledge about ghosts so that he will know more about them. (laughs)


Family is really precious. I think I could not live without my family. It’s not because they support me. It’s because they’re my life. But there are also times when we fight, but I reflect on it. Instead of fighting, I settle the problem thinking that I want to become a bit more like an adult/mature.


This is something rather from the past. For some reason, recently, there are no material things I want. For example, I enjoy wearing accessories like a scarf. It’s also because we have to wear things against the cold. (laughs)


It is delicious right? (laughs) But I don’t like oily meat. I can’t eat expensive karube in particular. Usually, karube are enough. For the same reason concerning sushi, I don’t like ôtoro, but I prefer chûtoro. In other words, I’m an economical man. (laughs)

Places where the view is beautiful

I love to go to places where the view is beautiful when the weather is good. Even if I don’t go very far, it’s OK. It’s nice if there is lots of nature. So if I live on my own in the future, I think I’d worry about it. (nature)

My dogs : Sora and Cookie

My dogs support and appease my mind. When I asked them, my parents said “We agree to keep a dog but… Well, guess it’s okay”. They were not that interested. They didn’t understand why I wanted a dog because I was bitten by one a long time ago and I was afraid of them since then. But now, I love them and thanks to my dogs, I realized that there is life, even in little creatures.


The fact that there are people who say that they love my voice makes me happy. To send my feelings to these people, I sing with all my heart during concerts. But because I like it, I want to become better at it. My voice changed a bit recently, so I think that maybe I’ll be able to sing more different types of songs. Moreover, I want to grow up in singing too.


I love it too much. In the present time, there are many people who are better than me but in my heart, I feel like I don’t want to lose. I’m the type of person who suddenly wants to excel in something so it will surely happen to dancing. So now, I’m waiting for that day. (laughs)


It’s not “I like it” or “I don’t like it”, it’s just vital. Because when I start a drama, my sleeping hours are getting fewer. I usually neglect my sleeping hours. But when I’m shooting, I’m always thinking “Aah~ If only I had slept at this moment !” (laughs)

The fans who’re watching me

I’m thankful to everyone everyday. Because we’re facing each other (the group and the fans), we can continue to live this way. That’s why from now, I want support from everyone; not only for me but I want people to support Jump as a group. People expect things from us and I want to respond to their expectations.

s: virtualjapan.net



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