S.H.E – Walk As They Learn

Despite being in the entertainment industry for 8 years, S.H.E is still the renowned No.1 female pop group in the Chinese music scene. Over the years, many female groups have risen and fallen, yet none could even come close to their position.

S.H.E’s success is not due to the image packaging of their record company. Rather it is because they have been very honest and sincere to present their true selves before others, and totally shed off the “shackles” of being a pop idol. Like all girls of their age, the trio also looks forward to meeting their respective Mr. Right, falling in love, and settling down to start a family… To the trio, these phases are just part and parcel of Life, and not burdens of being an idol.

Three non-related persons are brought together because of Love and Fate. And because of Love, the three strangers grew to become an entity together, to radiate a glow and charisma that is beyond words.

Over the years, there were many incidents which they attributed to Fate, and would always do their best regardless the challenges. Even if the process might not always be smooth-sailing, they would choose to face it with a smile and to adopt an optimistic outlook and not overly compel for certain results which might cause unhappiness.

They are grateful and appreciative for all they have had. To be able to happily hold a concert, to sing for fans who love S.H.E, to be able to buy a house for their family etc, these are what matters most and considered most blissful to the trio. If they have to name any regrets to date, it would probably be the lack of Mr Right, and to settle down to have their own families. S.H.E felt that if they are able to own these as well, their life would be complete and most fulfilling!

To be contented, this is S.H.E!

To Remain True to Oneself, Regardless of Age

From the early days where the three girls of barely 20 years old come together to now, as they matured over the years, the trio has started to exude a fair lady’s femininity. Selina said, everyone is no longer a little girl, and would need to carry themselves with a more mature disposition. Amongst themselves, the trio would occasionally still behave childishly but they do not actually mind. They felt that age should never be an obstacle to being true to oneself. Even if they would be in their 30s in future, S.H.E will always be the S.H.E they have been.

Nonetheless as one matures, and learns more, troubles would seem to grow too. Hence the trio has learnt to take things more easily. Selina said sentimentally, “Life is really interesting. Heavens seemed to have arranged everything, and we have studied well to prepare for it. Now that we have come to a certain stage of our Life, the experience feels just right.”

The trio felt that Life is about ceaseless learning. There are always opportunities for learning different things at different phases of one’s Life. For instance, their next lesson would be to learn how to manage their family life, or even how to interact with their husbands, their children etc. All of which are very important lessons in Life.

Many of their friends have already settled down and started a family. At their age, if fate should arrive, they would also not resist getting married. The trio would often discuss about this amongst themselves, such as if they are able to get accustomed to living with another person under the same roof.

Ella also devised a set of “Perfect Theory” of her own. “We need not stipulate on how our husbands might look, or what criteria they would need to satisfy. Because the one you eventually meet will never be the one you imagined him to be. But what is most important is that your interaction with that special person is perfect. You get accustomed to his living habits, and in turn, he enjoys your way of life. When this happens, I feel that this is the right time for both parties to get married! Perhaps, one would never have a perfect husband, but there will always be a perfect way of being together. And that encompasses mutual respect, giving and tolerance.”

Funny Episodes When Being a Babysitter

Although Selina is the one who wishes to settle down and start a family soonest, she is in fact, very afraid of children. She felt that looking after children would be a tall order for her. Meanwhile, Ella, who is very fond of little babies, volunteered, “When Selina give birth, I can be her babysitter nanny and look after her children for her!”

When Ella was still schooling at the vocational school, she once became a babysitter to look after a baby, shortly after her eldest sister gave birth. Despite her claims of being a “professional” babysitter who love children, Ella actually had a handful of funny episodes while taking care of the little baby. For instance, once she overslept and forgot to feed the baby. Subsequently she was awoken by the baby’s cries and immediately dashed to the kitchen to prepare the milk. However she suddenly got very dizzy. By the time she regained consciousness, Ella felt a painful bump on her forehead. It was only then that she realized that she really blackout earlier. “The most unlucky thing is that the floor was covered with carpet, all except the spot where I bumped my head onto…” There was also once when she was too engrossed watching a television programme and the child who had just recently learnt to crawl, fell off the bed and ended up wailing aloud. She hastily carried the baby to comfort him and his mother ran out from the kitchen to carry the baby. She had such a fright then that her whole body felt weak and she fainted.

Hearing the incidents from Ella’s babysitting history, Selina and Hebe had looks of fear. Selina posed her doubts, “Then how are you going to help look after my children in future?” In response, Ella rebutted, “My health was no good then!” But Selina was still apprehensive, “You can just pop over to visit my children instead.” Ella immediately changed into a pleading expression, “Let me help you baby-sit them! I really know how to baby-sit them!” She further patted her chest to promise, if she should really baby-sit Selina’s children, she would even re-schedule all her evening work to fully concentrate on being a worthy and responsible babysitter.

Does Not Overstep Boundaries in Romance-Relationships

Although members of S.H.E are close to each other, they clarified that they are individuals when it comes to romance-relationship issues. As such, they would speak and act with discretion, and not overstep their boundaries, to avoid hurting each others’ feelings.

Selina shared that each individual will have their own lives and there is no need to interfere too much into each other’s life. “Because you’ll never know if it is right or wrong to intervene in one way or another. There is no need to take such a risk. Each individual will have his / her own good luck, life and fate. So we’ll leave it to each of us to live our own lives in this aspect.”

But of course, being friends, they would also be responsible to play a “reminder” role to each other. As to whether the other party listens or not, it would be another matter. Hebe said, “If you know and kept mum, you would never feel at ease!”

Nobody Dares to Wed Before Selina

Amongst the trio, Selina has been acknowledged to be the one who would “get married the quickest”. Ella exclaimed, “Nobody dares to wed before her! If I am to get married today, I would have to arrange after her wedding slot.” Meanwhile Selina is certain that her two group-mates are the ideal candidates to be her bridesmaids. “If they get married before me, they cannot be my bridesmaids!” Hearing this, Ella and Hebe teased, “Her mind power is really formidable! Thus everyone would assume that she will be the first to get married! Since the day she was born, she has been thinking about getting married!” To this, Selina also shared openly on her wishes to get married, “It has always been my wish to get married quickly!” She joked since the day she has learnt of the story of the Princess and Prince, she has been wanting to be that Princess.

Selina’s ideal age to wed is 28 years old and she hopes to give birth by 30 years old. As such, she is a little disappointed now, “I am already 28 years old! I am running short of time!” Hebe and Ella immediately consoled her, “Fret not. You have one full year to be 28 years old! You would still be 28 years old as long as you get married before 30 October! Laopo, go! Laopo, strive hard! You will definitely be on time!” Hearing this, Selina is full of gratitude, “If I can get married at 28 years old, my life will be so fulfilled!” Seeing how hilarious her “good sisters” look, trying to focus their mind power to make her wish come true, she burst into laughter, “Just what do you girls think you are doing!”

To Continue Showbiz Venture After Giving Birth

The media asked about S.H.E’s standing and ability to continue within the showbiz industry after Selina has given birth.

In response, Ella had a “why can’t we” expression and said, “Even Mayday members have settled down and started families of their own, why can’t we establish the same? Dee Hsu (Xiao S) has also given birth and she is still a celebrity!” Ella further added that when Selina takes a break to give birth, Hebe and her will continue to go about with S.H.E’s promotion activities, “Just like when I was injured, the two of them were still doing the publicity activities!”

But one would need a break of 10 months to give birth to a child. To this, Hebe said thoughtfully, “She will take a break for the first 3 months for her pregnancy to stabilize. From the 4th month onwards, she can continue to work. 2 months before her expected due date, she can start taking a break again. Rest assured that we’ve everything worked out!”

However Fate is unexpected. What if Hebe and Ella’s love should come before Selina, would they purposely postpone their wedding just to accommodate Selina? Hebe and Ella chorused to say no. And Selina joked, “I would give them my blessings, but hide and cry in secret!”

While Selina is dying to get married, Ren-papa wish for her to only get married after 30 years old. Despite being the youngest, Hebe’s mother has been urging her to get married soon. On the other hand, Ella is the luckiest, as since young till now, her parents never had to worry about her getting a boyfriend or asked after when she intends to settle down.

Source: http://ent.sinchew-i.com/
Translation by: shyun_y @ asianfanatics.net


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