Arashi New Impromptu Program with No Script and Unknown Guests?!

Popular group Arashi’s new TV show “Arashi Ni Shagare / 嵐にしやがれ” (temporary title) will start from April.
The main topic for the show is “impromptu”! There will be a talk show with no pre-arrangement and five members will have no idea who the guest will be until the show starts.
Of course there will be no script, and they have to learn to be professional from “big brother guests” at “The Set”(temporary title). All big name artists such as conte artists, comic storytellers, Kabuki actors will have an impromptu presence. The most interesting part will be how five members react to unexpected happenings and tension。

“We hope to make a TV program which will give some additional splendor to the family unite weekend nights.” said Sakurai Sho. And Matsumoto Jun commented: “Whether it will be interesting or any chemical reaction? It’s a make or break to guests and staffs.”

With various genre and multi faceted, Arashi is definitely going to take the nation by storm!
Let’s look forward to their brand new performance on the new TV show!

s: mjp


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