Ella feels best when she kisses Jerry Yan

S.H.E. member and female lead of idol drama “Down With Love” (that premieres tonight) Ella has kissed many a star in her idol drama career and would probably make a lot of girls jealous if she wasn’t so lovable. But which kiss scene made her the most proud? “Being able to kiss a gorgeous idol star like Jerry Yan? I sure hit the jackpot!” Although she’s had kissing scenes with some of Taiwan’s most sought-after idols such as Blue Lan, Huang Zhi-wei, and Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun, her scenes with Jerry Yan felt the “most real, most emotional, most natural, and most easygoing.”

Kissing Wu Chun was goofy, kissing Blue Lan was nervewrecking

Ella briefly recounts her idol drama kissing history. “When I had to kiss Wu Chun in “Hana Kimi”, they were goofy kisses because in the drama my role was a girl pretending to be a boy kissing another boy. Kissing Huang Zhi-Wei in “The Rose” had me feeling faint. I kissed Blue Lan when I was filming my very first idol drama “Magical Love”. It was a very nervewrecking moment.

A compilation of Ella’s many kissing scenes. Top left: Ella and Wu Chun in “Hana Kimi”. Bottom left: Ella and Blue Lan in “Magical Love”. Right: Ella and Huang Zhi-Wei in “The Rose”.

After filming a couple dramas and going through several relationships, Ella has developed a “Theory on the Evolution of Love”. “In the past I used to rely on my feelings to maintain a relationship and once the feeling was gone, we would break up. I hurt many people this way. Now, I’ve realized that to love someone is to love his or her soul. If you choose to love someone, you don’t set conditions for the other person and their physical appearance is not important. What matters is the two souls love each other mutually and unconditionally.“

The secret to Ella’s idol drama success is playing the ugly girl.

For the sake of her idol dramas, Ella has dressed up as a man, stood in the pouring rain, carried a 10kg refrigerator while running down the street, and many other wacky situations that make her appear to be an “ugly” girl. In “Down With Love”, “One Million Star” finalist Judy Chou plays the boyfriend who dumps her in the very first episode, causing Ella’s character to cry crocodile tears that make her look “ugly”. However, because she is not afraid of embarrassment, she has been the only member out of S.H.E. to successfully break into the idol drama industry (although fellow S.H.E. member Hebe had a pretty successful run with Mike He in the idol drama “Bullfighting”).

Jerry Yan builds up “iron legs” for the one he loves

Although Ella and Jerry are enemies in “Down With Love”, outside of filming the two are good buddies. Ella revealed, “Jerry will take off my shoes for me and give me a foot massage.” Jerry replied, “I thought I was being thoughtful when I took my girlfriend on a bicycle ride all around town while singing to her. Turns out the next day my legs were so sore and cramped they were like “iron legs”.” What song did he sing for her? He laughed and said, “Meteor Garden, of course!”

s: Chinatimes

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  1. #1 by tricia on November 16, 2010 - 3:04 am

    i’ve watched down with love. it’s so nice i hope that s.h.e. could come here in the philippines

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