Alice Nine will be the Cover Feature for Next SHOXX Issue

Alice Nine will be on the cover and main feature (12pages) for SHOXX Vol.206 Apr.2010 issue which will be released on February 20th!
SHOXX will deliver magnetism of Alice Nine, who will release their best album “Alice Nine Complete Collection2” on March 24th and will be on tour from March 22nd.

Featuring LM.C releasing their long awaited 3rd album. LM.C has enormous support not only from Visual-Kei fans but also from anime and comic fans after tie-up with anime in 2008. SHOXX will approach their borderless cham!!

Next feature is Sid. Sid is now in such a strong position that it can do anything they want.
They reveal the secret of their latest single “sleep”!! Latest interview of 4!

Other artists on the magazines are: vidoll, D, doremidan, Megamasso, Mix Speaker’s, Inc, Girugamesh and many more artists!

Now you can reserve for the new issue at coolJAPANstore!
Buy now and get it right after the release date.

s: mjp


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