Nikishido Ryo is the Pudding Samurai

Johnny’s Jimusho idol Nikishido Ryo (25) has landed his first movie starring role in a project clearly aimed at the female segment of the market. Filming will start this weekend for “Chonmage Purin,” a comedy drama about a samurai who finds himself in modern Japan and, naturally, ends up becoming a hugely popular pastry chef. Chonmage is the name for the samurai’s distinctive hairstyle, while purin is the Japanese pronunciation of pudding. Directed by the highly regarded Nakamura Yoshihiro (39), the movie co-stars Tomosaka Rie (30). Nishikido, a member of the Johnny’s group NEWS, made the news for a different reason in March 2009 when he caused a minor traffic accident.

s: japanzone



  1. #1 by ace on June 25, 2010 - 3:24 pm

    i want him can we share!!!!!

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