Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu – From Old Friends to Opponents

Hot Flash

Two good friends, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu have started their “on-screen competition”. Jerry’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] has recently joined in the idol drama viewership fight, while Vanness’ popular idol drama – [Autumn Concerto] has received a viewership rating of over 8 last week.

Our Press’ Appraisal:
Competition between F2. Regardless Who Emerge as Winner, Viewers are the Biggest Winners

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu are best of buddies and their recent “on-screen competition” for viewership ratings has been entitled the “F2 Fight”. Recently, Vanness’ idol drama – [AC] topped the ratings fight to triumph over Show Luo, Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang’s dramas telecasted at the same time slots. The ratings for [AC] has been going up and the latest episode exceeded 8 to the delight of many! At the same time, the debut telecast of idol drama – [DWL], starring Jerry and Ella also joined in the ratings fight. Despite the debut’s ratings was below [AC], [DWL] 1st episode made it into the top 3 position with respectable results. The “F2 Fight” is indeed one worth looking forward to!

PK Between F2, with Vanness Currently Leading

When F4 first rose to fame from the idol serial – [Meteor Garden], Jerry Yan became the group’s leading man. In recent years, Vic Zhou has gradually caught up in the group with his acclaimed performance in [Black & White] last year. On the other hand, Vanness has led with his own style of music in the music scene, but did not have any exceptional performance in drama, until the recent [AC] has totally changed Vanness’ position into “F4’s New Idol Drama Leading Man”.

Coincidentally, Jerry’s latest drama serial – [DWL] has its debut episode last week, resulting in a “F2 Fight” on-screen. A greater coincidence is that both artistes are acting as suave and eloquent lawyers in their respective dramas, hence, that became a point for comparison by viewers.

According to Taiwan’s AC Nielson released statistics, the results of both dramas were as follows: [AC] is leading in viewership ratings at an average of 8.23, while the debut episode of [DWL] is 3rd with an average of 2.63; hence, Vanness won.

Xiao Xiao Bin Most Popular, Fights With Himself

As [AC] was well-received by viewers, there were speculations that [DWL] has to be telecasted sooner than initially scheduled, after the earlier serial with poor ratings – [MoMo Love], in order to “put up a fight” with [AC].

But the most interesting part has to be that the most well-liked actor in both serials was none other than the child actor, Xiao Xiao Bin! This popular child actor not only acts well, but is natural and very adorable, and hence attracted a large number of fans, and he became the most attractive character in the stories! Thus, [AC] and [DWL] ended up showcasing a fight with oneself!

Mistake in Viewship Ratings Released?

[DWL] is the collaboration between China and Taiwan, which talks about the modern Cinderella story. Even before its telecast, the pairing of Jerry and Ella has already gotten everyone’s full anticipation. The subsequent viewership ratings fight with [AC] also became another focus, so much so that even the ratings results released caused a lot of confusion! Yesterday a China media reported that the debut episode of [DWL] scored an average rating of 3.21, which exceeded [AC]’s debut episode then. However this figure appeared to be different from the Taiwan’s released average rating of 2.63, thus, resulted in fans’ queries as to why there were 2 different ratings, and exactly which serial’s debut episode is really the champion?

To find out the truth, our reporters contacted [DWL]’s publicity crew in China and learnt that the difference between the average ratings of 3.21 and 2.63 was because of the difference in age group of the viewers. The former (3.21) is the rating computed for the viewer group between the 20 – 40 years old, while the latter (2.63) is the rating computed for the viewer group between 15 – 45 years old. Both statistics are actually accurate.

Nonetheless, [DWL]’s debut result is considered good and has even exceeded the once-popular [Fated to Love You] (debut rating of 2.56) and recent serial [Hi My Sweetheart] (debut rating of 2.19). Most importantly as [DWL] has just started its telecast, the subsequent potential is definitely worth anticipating.

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