New Single ‘戻れない明日’ by aiko After a Year of Absense!!

Singer aiko is looking towards the release of her new single “戻れない明日”, which was released on the 3rd of this month. On the same day she had an appearance at the TV program “”笑っていいとも/ Waratte Ii to mo” in the shocking telephone corner of the show. Kimura Kaera had introduced the 3rd performance in about a year and a half!

In February 2009 aiko had released her last single “milk / 嘆きのキス” and it has taken a full year for her to return with the long awaited single ” 戻れない明日 / Modorenai Ashita”, which will also be the themesong of the currentlz aired dorama „曲げられない女/Magerarenai Onna”.
Kanno Miho is playing the playing the heroin, which wont have her self being twisted in her way of live and is successfully providing the TV station with a good number of viewers theses days. “Modorenai Ashita” is holding on to the theme of the series and presents itself as a softer, mid-tempo number.

Within the song, it is sung that since people can’t grasp even the feelings of a valuable person at 100%, it is important to live and share the “now” with that person without regret, no matter what the next day will bring

Moreover, the music video, which had been shot in an about 20 hour of filming during the recently los temperatures, has now been completed.
Within a white room made of ice, aiko is singing the dreadful parts all by herself, while the harsher parts are showing the scene of a dark street with the band in the back.

By showing those two very different scenes, she would like people to notice her more mature way of expression.

s: mjp


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