Kamenashi: “I want to let you know that woman’s charms lies not in the appearance”

A young lady, who has a complex because she’s frequently being called ugly, becomes a person who loves darkness and solitude. In order to transform her into a fine lady, four guys will struggle in this love comedy “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge”. Kamenashi Kazuya, of course, will act as Takano Kyouhei who himself has a large complex.

I think everyone has their own complexes. Me too around the time when I played baseball, I was continuously being told that “your body is small”, I felt really mortified. Thus, I tried to drink milk every day; I practiced longer with the ball, more than anyone else. Even now I frequently think “Why that person can do that, and I can’t?” However, for this reason, I could give my all. If I am asked whether I have climb over to perfection, sometimes the efforts didn’t give me (the expected) results; even so these efforts will for sure become the source of power. I am determined not to be a captured by negative thoughts.

He commented that “ Kyouhei is a high hurdle role” with a bitter smile. At any rate, Kyouhei’s complex is “too beautiful”.

Am I similar? I wonder whether I am this No.1 wanted guy to be frozen in ice(to be preserved). I will never say that I am (laugh). I don’t really think that I am similar to Kyohei, rather I want to be told to be similar to him. Chance to play this kind of strong character doesn’t come often, I am gratefully accepting this role and I want to enjoy acting for this role.

Troubles and laughters(?!) are to be anticipated. This is a battle for a metamorphosis of a lady, if it’s yourself what would you do?

In order to have people opening their hearts to me, I think I will share my experience and take them to various places. First is to escape from isolating self from the world. And, I want to let you know that woman’s charms lies not only in appearance. Only with a small gentleness, or attentiveness, men will simply go “kyun” (laugh). In order to have confidence in front of the people, try to focus in your own craft. I myself anxious how Kyouhei will conquer his complex (laugh).

This year is the year!
To remove my own character frame!

For now, I want to do my best in this production that will adorn the start of this one year. To play as Kyouhei who is a very powerful and strong man. So far I have never played this type (of character) before. I think I want to play it with all my heart removing the character that I possess. I want to take out this new me

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