KAT-TUN Akanishi Jin Received 4 Chocolates on Valentine’s Day!

Akanishi Jin is busy with his one-month long solo live “友&仁 You&Jin” at Nissei Theater Hibiya Tokyo from February 7th.

With the image of “future graph”, he performs various genre music such as rock, black music, R&B, and hip-hop with dance on the stage. About 80% of these songs are written and composed by Akanishi himself.

“The title ‘You&Jin’ means ‘friend’ as well (Yuujin = friend in Japanese). There are so many friends of mine here.” he introduced dancer, vocal and other members who he met with when he studied in Los Angels, “Work is important, but family and friends are more important. Therefore, it is best if you work with your friend.”
It seems his dream is being realized little by little with more free stage style from the beginning to the end. Also fans feel very satisfied with his performance.

Akanishi also revealed something “risky” in his MC section.With the situation out of control, he commented: “Leave it to me!” and on the Valentine’s Day, he said: “I received four chocolates, two of which are my real love. One was a 10-year old kid and the other one is a lovely girl who looks like younger sister. They are both here today. They were just making chocolates when I called them yesterday.” what a lovely episode!
After the MC, he sang the song “Paparats”, “It’s a song about paparazzi. There are different kinds of paparazzi right? I have been written to be in prison as well (laugh). I were having hot pot with Ryo-chan when I received a call from my manager, ‘Are you rested?!’ he asked. But If I were rested how could I answer the phone!” he shared his own experience.

His solo live will be on stage until February 28th. And there will be no suspension of the performance except for only 1 day!
Keep your eye on Akanishi who is speeding up!

source: music japan plus



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