A man’s instinct Akanishi Jin

The theme of the last interview this year is “male feelings”. Casual things that girls say or do, are there times where you have to act as a man? It seems the real intention of “male” feelings came closer (to you). Also, we will hear about the highlights of the live DVD which was released on 16th of December!

A girl that likes Shounen-Manga. Are there “male” feelings?
I don’t care. Concerning people’s taste, I don’t bother much about this and that. If our tastes wouldn’t be the same, I want to do the things I like. But about the other party, it would make me happy if we’d to the things they like, too.

Devil and angel. As a man, to be enchanted by one of these, which is it?
Depends on the situation, I guess. If the girl would turn into a little devil by the beginning of the night, I feel charmed. If we’re having fun and she begins to smile from the start, I would also be charmed by that. Whatever, if a beautiful smile could be shown to me… I would totally be charmed by that (laughs)

Praising words by a boy which get you into feeling good are?
“You’re interesting!”, “You’re so cool!”. Either of them makes me happy. I consider people being interesting when I can have fun times with them. It doesn’t matter if they’re younger or older than I am. Both makes me happy.

What’s the highlight of the documentary featured on “KAT-TUN LIVE Break the Records” first press limited edition?
For my interview I was taken to Miyagi… I somehow already forgot where exactly I went (laughs). The DVD is.. well, if you would be able to watch it, you would understand what we’re doing. If you watch it, you can see how we tried to make the concert good for everyone. Following, it’s my solo which is named “WONDER”. It’s not released on a DVD yet because it’s fairly not okay… but I wish you’d check it out on the DVD!

What do you recently?
Right now I am in the middle of promoting Bandage. After the first time of BANDAGE airing, we had a secret life and this was so amusing. Even though there are many more lives, I don’t really practiced yet… Even while preparations were done, Kobayashi-san didn’t say a word of rehearsal. It will be able to be seen for only a month, so.. I guess I have a lot of things going on until that.

(T/N: I think he either means the dates of the movie shown or their lives.)

Praising words by a girl which makes you more feeling like a man?
This is the same, “You’re interesting!”. I would totally make that girl smile. If people around me are laughing, I guess that makes me happy. Yes, it does.

A girl exaggerates with reactions. What’s really annoying for a man?
Yes, it’s a bit annoying. I don’t mind a lot about it but if it’s too much it is just too much. That’s because I like girls acting natural.

A girl starts immediately to cry, even if it’s not a big thing. How do you feel?
Yes… I really don’t want to see a girl crying. But if she has that kind of personality, it can’t be helped. If she’s deeply moved by watching a movie, that is totally fine. But I get irritated if she’s crying on purpose.

After the make-up is removed, a total different person appears… Does this shock your male feelings?
If it’s the case with my friends, I don’t mind at all. It’s okay. But if this happens after a date, I probably would think “Oh, so it’s like that…”, and be a little shocked. However, a girl without make up on her face has still the same personality, I think.

s: snow-xpress


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