Arashi new single Troublemaker

Arashi released their 29th single “Troublemaker” just a few months since their 28th single “Everything”.

Single “Troublemaker” will be used as themes song of TV Series “Tokujo Kabachi!!” starring Sho Sakurai and actress Horikita Maki. The other song entitled “Yurase, Ima wo (揺らせ、今を)” is Nihon TV’s theme song for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Zoom In!! SUPER Saturday Winter Theme Song.

Artist : Arashi
Single : Troublemaker
Released Date : 03 March 2010

Track List :

1. Troublemaker
2. Yurase, Ima wo (揺らせ、今を)
3. Mou Ippo (もう一歩)
4. Troublemaker (Original Karaoke)
5. Yurase, Ima wo (Original Karaoke)
6. Mou Ippo (Original Karaoke)

Watch Arashi new single “Troublemaker” video here:

s: japanjpop


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  1. #1 by aokawa on April 5, 2010 - 8:48 am

    wow…… arashi on top of oricon chart……………

    it’s great……………… GO !! go Arashi !!!!!!!!!!!

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