Jiro has a sensitive stomach, examines feces colour

When Fahrenheit arrived in Osaka to promote tourism to Taiwan, Wu Zun, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan tasted the exquisite BBQ foods. However, Jiro remained at the hotel to work out and play the “isolation game.” It turns out that Jiro has a sensitive stomach, coupled with cracked lips and cold sores. He is under orders from his nutritionist to watch what he eats and drinks, and isn’t even allowed ice cubes in his water! He said, “I can’t even flush right away after I do (Number 2), because I have to observe the color of my feces.” He denies that his intense efforts to keep fit are to get ready to release a personal autobiograhical photobook. “At the moment, my body sometimes has 6 packs, sometimes it becomes 8 packs, so I still have to work hard.”

Wu Zun can’t stop sampling the delicious foods

Wu Zun has been on a non stop eating-and-drinking journey in Osaka so far, and has started eating since breakfast at the hotel. He won’t pass up on ramen nor Osaka’s BBQ eats, laughing, “I have gained one or two kilograms, but it’s not noticeable right?” After becoming Taiwan’s tourism ambassadors, the number of Japanese female tourists have increased by 40%, leading to a continuation of their contract, and an increased compensation fee of approximately 2,900,000 HKD.

s: asianfanatics


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