POTATO 2006.05 – Kamenashi Kazuya

To commemorate their [Real Face] single debut, the members will answer 5 prepared question on Truth.
As expected, not just about oneself, but also a perception of other member!!!

1. Fan Image
There is to certain extent a gap between the image that fans have about me and the real me. But I don’t think that as a bad thing. I, myself, feel that there is a difference between my work self and my private self and it’s understandable for a person to have various mentalities and attitudes. Besides, since it’s impossible to foretell the kind of image others may have on me, I could only continue to be myself. I think that’s the best I could do.

2. I am actually like this
It’s difficult for me to analyze my own character. Well, since I am only human, I am sure I have my mood swing. I mean, I will be different between when my tension is high or low…but anyone is like this, no? Furthermore, when it concerns works, I always have this kind of thought: “Since I am doing this, I will have to give my all it till the end”. (someone said: Kamenashi kun is always stoic ne…), how should I say it…,I will not be able to say with conviction “yes, I am like that”.

3. Memories that are kept inside my heart
So far, from this job, I have many important memories. Among those, Gokusen drama is a significant turning point in my life, it is a special work (for me). From now on, the wheel will turn, and there will be different things that I could achieve. I have encountered many disastrous moments, but alongside those moments I have also collected many good memories. From that starting point (Gokusen), I get another chance to appear in a next drama, I feel like I am slowly growing.

4. A non-negotiable rule and motto
It’s very simple, for sure it’s “I won’t lose!”. There are times when I feel like I am about to lose, but (I know that) somehow I have to overcome it. I stick to this rule, and it’s also my motto ne. That being said, I want to improve myself little by little! My source of driving force is, as I thought, the existence of people around me. My family, friends and all the fans; because of the support of those people around me, the today me is able to exist, that’s what I really feel.

5. A truth about member- Ueda
Ueda unexpectedly is someone who is easily gets lonely (laugh). He can immerse in his own world, but I think he always needs a company and really likes to have a conversation with people. He has the image of a spoilt child. Even now whenever we talked, he pretends not to listen when he actually is. (Ueda said: I am not like that), see…he’s listening no? (Laugh). For me, I think this kind of Ueda is cute (laugh).

Bonus!! Tanaka Koki: The truth about Kamenashi…

Tanaka Koki: The truth about Kame…
Everyone has the image of Kame as ‘adult-like’ or ‘reliable/level headed’ no? But you know, alas, when you look properly, he is quite a baka (laugh). It’s not at all a level headed person! (laugh). He could suddenly become a brat. well, he’s a man who will do what he has to do when he has to, so I think it’s definitely OK (that he’s a brat). KAT-TUN members understand all of Kame’s characters.



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