BIG BANG does “Mezamashi” theme

Korean group BIG BANG will be making an impact on morning television, as their new song “HANDS UP” has been chosen as the next theme song for Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi Saturday” (6:00am).

This is the first time that BIG BANG has done a theme song for a Japanese news show. It is also the first time that any Korean artist has done one for a news show on Fuji TV.

BIG BANG made their debut in Japan just last June, but they have already become very popular in a short amount of time. In December, they earned the title of Best New Artist at the 51st Japan Record Awards.

“HANDS UP” is currently in production, though it is described as being an uptempo song. It is scheduled to be used on “Mezamashi Saturday” for six months, starting on April 3. The song does not yet have a release date.

Previous theme songs for “Mezamashi Saturday” have been by artists such as Thelma Aoyama, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, and GReeeeN.

s: tokyograph

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