GLAY offers new song for free

Rock band GLAY has announced that its song “Apologize” will be available for free as a chaku-uta full download, for a limited time next month. Although that strategy has been used before to promote newer artists, it is rare for a top-selling artist like GLAY to take that approach.

GLAY has been performing “Apologize” in their concerts since their nationwide tour last fall, but a recorded version was not available before. The band decided to offer the song for free as an expression of gratitude to their fans. Leader TAKURO said that he also hopes the move will help attract new fans, comparing it to the band’s early days when they handed out free demo tapes at live houses.

There have been cases where artists thank fans by making a regular chaku-uta download (not the full song) free, but GLAY is going all the way. Singer Hikaru Utada (27) did a similar promotion where she made a new song available for free for users of the mobile phone brand au, but GLAY’s song will be open to all users regardless of their phone brand. Users will also be able to send the song as a “gift” to others.

“Apologize” will be free from April 1 to April 21 through mobile sites. There are currently no plans for either a CD release or a paid digital download.

GLAY also announced that they are doing a 37-show tour that will start in June.

s: tokyograph


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