Shu Qi to be in Eddie Peng’s first music video

After just completing the recording to his upcoming debut album, Eddie Peng is already filming his first music video. The actor-turned-singer invited the Golden Horse Best Actress Shu Qi to star in his MV. It turned out that Eddie and Shu Qi first met after being introduced by fellow friend, Shawn Yue. They later became good friends after going on a trip to Thailand along with a group of friends. Eddie and Shu Qi often goes to work out together and it was because one time Shu Qi lost in a game of badminton that she promised to do a favor for Eddie.

Eddie reserved that “right” until now and he decided to ask Shu Qi to star in his very first debut single’s MV. Shu Qi immediately agreed to fulfill this request and Eddie happily said, “She’s the Goddess in my heart, my mentor. To be able to have her be in my MV, it’s truly the best birthday present!” Shu Qi specially found some time in her busy schedule to fly back to Taiwan to show her support for Eddie.

s: cpopaccess



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