Arashi’s Pressure with Rising Paychecks

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嵐人氣飆升 演出費1小時350萬
Arashi’s popularity continues to rise with hourly performance fee of 3.5million TWD

傑尼斯人氣超火的偶像組合嵐,接下日本電視台4月黃金段的新節目「ARASHI NI SHIYAGARE」,日本媒體大爆,日本電視台不但重金請來專業團隊策劃節目內容,為鼓勵嵐賣力演出,平均每位成員的演出費更翻倍,1小時飆達200萬日幣(約台幣近70萬元)。
Johnny’s pop idol group Arashi, has agreed to host in “Arashi ni Shiyagare” which will be aired during golden time in NTV, and Japanese medias are breaking the news that NTV not only spent a lot on seeking professionals to plan out program contents; to encourage Arashi members, averagely each member’s performance fee was doubled to about 2million yen (about 0.7million TWD, edit: US$21,540).

According to a certain Japanese media, Johnny’s ultra group SMAP member Nakai Masahiro and Kimura Takuya, their hourly performance fee for golden time is about 4million yen, which is even above other big-shot celebrities’ fee of 3million yen. As revealed by insiders, before this for pop idol group Arashi members, each member only received an average of 1million yen per hour, now as Arashi’s popularity rises, their performance fees are much more worth it than other Johnny’s celebrities, thus making them an instant hit among the TV stations.

Japanese media disclosed that, NTV’s original late night program “Arashi no Shukudaikun”, will be replaced by a new program starting from April, and will be aired during the golden time of Saturday evening, and so, Arashi’s paycheck rises high too, with each member making an average of 2million yen per hour, but TV station staff indicated that, just as Arashi’s worth doubles, they are also expected to face much bigger pressure of getting more viewership, and currently their goal is to maintain 15% of viewership.


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