BREAKERZ – Shunrenka (Spring Love Song)

Shunrenka (Spring Love Song) is a new song taken from BREAKERZ’s 1st mini acoustic album B.R.Z ACOUSTIC EP which will be released on 7th April , a day before frontman DAIGO’s 32nd birthday .

The song was written & composed by him & is the only song to receive a music video in B.R.Z ACOUSTIC EP .

Inspired by DAIGO’s real-life experience of an unrequited love , Shunrenka’s original working song title was Hisashiburi (Long Time) .

B.R.Z ACOUSTIC EP consists in total of 8 acoustic songs in which , the acoustic versions of Dandelion , Nanzenkai … Nanmankai … (Thousand Times … 10 Thousand Times …) , B.R.Z ~Ashita e no Kakehashi~ (~Bridge For Tomorrow~) & Birdman were originally found as B-side tracks in the guys’s GRAND FINALE , Everlasting Luv / BAMBINO ~Bambino~ , Hikari (Light) & LOVE FIGHTER ~Koi no (Love) Battle~ singles .

A healing album perfect for Spring , BREAKERZ’s quiet side creates an occasionally painful & an occasionally pleasant atmosphere .

I was almost driven to tears when I finally get to view & listen to Shunrenka’s music video alongside with each other .

Perhaps I can understand the significance of Shunrenka which probably means quite a lot to DAIGO in which explained how somewhat sad & emotional driven he sounded like in this beautiful acoustic guitar driven no. .

Guess this’s why Shunrenka is the only (new) song to get a music video in B.R.Z ACOUSTIC EP as it really deserves to & I feel the video managed to convey the message of the song extremely well .

Shunrenka is a bittersweet song & frankly this’s not the song for you to listen to if you have painful memories/experiences when comes to relationships & etc but you have to give props to DAIGO for writing/composing such a no. & when he writes/composes serious stuff , he gets things right downpat & the same thing goes for other songs he personally writes/composes himself other than Shunrenka , like Hikari (Light) , GRAND FINALE , Miss you & many others in the band’s music discography .

B.R.Z ACOUSTIC EP will be reviewed by me in due course & this will be the 1st acoustic mini album that I will review which I’m very excited to do so & there’s always a 1st time for everything so yup .

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