Shunsuke passes away

Many of his friends who are currently involved in the scene had updated their blogs with the announcement, however, all have been deleted or edited to remove any details (including his name). Although we wanted to wait for an official announcement, a few fans caught the posts before they were deleted, and therefore the word is spreading. Details are not available, but we’ll keep you updated.

All of the staff at offers our deepest condolences to Shunsuke’s family and friends.

Kaito from Wizard originally wrote the announcement, and apparently Kaito originally posted:

Just recently, I got news that ex.bis’s Shunsuke has passed away.

He’s one of the few bandmen who is the same age as me, and he’s a good friend who I had many passionate talks with.

We’d talked a lot of times about doing a session band together, but we couldn’t easily pull it together so in the end, we weren’t able to be on stage one last time together.

However, his blog has now been changed his blog to read:

I haven’t sorted out my feelings yet.
When I do get them sorted out,
I’ll write here again.

It seems that Shou from Alice Nine has also referenced Shunsuke’s passing:

I received some bad news.

I can’t believe it, and I don’t want to believe it, so this is the only comment I can offer at this time.

He was someone who was kind and honest, we [our bands] went on tours together, and being on the same label, I remember how he did so many favours for us.

I don’t know if there’s any kind of salvation for this kind of misery, but I hope that he can find happiness.

On a closing note, although there are many rumours floating around about his passing, many fans remind readers that he had been ill, even having to cancel his appearance at a live.

s: Shattered Tranquility And
c: edohsama


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