After School’s marching band concept was Kahi’s idea

Sexy girl group After School just made a comeback with Bang!, their newest track. Their new concept was very eye-catching because it was not jut new for them but new for all girl groups. They decided to go for a sexy marching band concept and it seems to be working.

Now, who made up this brilliant concept? None other than leader Kahi. The song concept had been forming when Because of You was topping the charts and Kahi chipped in with the idea about the marching band.

Kahi said, “Marching band concept is something I’ve always wanted to do on stage as an After School member. I saw the movie Drumline a few years ago and I fell in love with the marching band’s charm.”

They’ve been practicing for over eight months on the drums which is why they’ve been acing it on stage. I think the concept was a yes for the girls. Do you?

s: allkpop



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