U-Kiss To Collaborate With Filipino Acts

Known as Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star – in short U-Kiss, made their way to Manila over the weekend for a couple of mall shows and fan signing events. The sensational Korean boy group was very interested in Filipino musicians, which made them express their desire to collaborate with Filipino artists. They said, “It’s one of the things we’re looking forward to with this trip to Manila.”

Even one of the U-Kiss members knew Freddie Aguilar’s famous song “Anak” (Child). As what he’d recalled, “the song has a very touching story.” Well, that’s not quite new to the Filipino fans since Freddie Aguilar is a well-known musician-songwriter in the Philippines, but what’s so surprising about it was he even hummed a few lines of the song! Quite unusual for a Korean right?

The boys were even aware of Sandara Park too. Who isn’t anyway? The girl who took her shot to stardom in the Philippines way before she entered the fierce girl group, 2ne1. U-Kiss said that they would like to have an opportunity to work with her in the future. U-Kiss featuring Sandara – sounds good?! Like it or not, the boys are so excited for it.

When U-Kiss was asked on what they are willing to share with their Filipino fans, they stated, “Since our name stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, we want to reach out to more of the international music market. We want our listeners and audiences to appreciate the kind of fun music we offer. We are a very friendly group with a friend sound to offer.”

In addition, here’s a little scoop for their Filipino fans. U-Kiss performed Bingeul Bingeul on one of the Philippines broadcasting channel, GMA “Party Pilipinas”. After the performance, an interview was made and U-Kiss member, Eli officially announced it live that they will be back around May or June for a huge major concert. Excited? Grab your piggy banks now!

s: mnb+kpoplive


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