aiko’s New Album Released After 2 Years

On March 31st, aiko just released her long awaited album “BABY”, which features the theme song “戻れない明日 / Modorenai Ashita” of the dorama “曲げられない女 / Magerarenai Onna” and her huge hit “KissHug” for the movie “花より男子ファイナル / Hana Yori Dango – Final”.
Moreover, the album also contains the songs “あの子の夢 / Ano Ko no Yume” and “夏が帰る / Natsu ga Kaeru”, which are currently aired on TV and also the song “beat”, which has been recorded for the first time, making it a splendid album

“beat” will also be aired at the TV program “Music Station Special – 20年間のNO.1全部見せます (lit. “Showing You the No.1s of 20 Years!”) “, which you better check out!

And the good news don’t stop there either!
For the movie “ダーリンは外国人 / Darling Gaikokujin”, which will hit cinemas on April 10th, aiko will also be providing her song “向かいあわせ / Mukai Awase”, which will be released as her 27th single.
Bits of the piece can also be listened to during the airing of the commercial for the movie. The song is a very spring like up-tempo number with a very happy feeling, matching the movie. It will be released as a single on April 21st.

“BABY” / aiko
[Release Date]
2010/3/31 (Wed) / PONY CANYON
[Product Key]
\3,059[tax in]
[Song Titles]
2.鏡 / Kagami
5.夏が帰る / Natsu ga kaeru
6.リズム / Rhythm
7.嘆きのキス / Nageki Kiss
8.より道 / Yori Michi
9.指先 / Yubi Saki
11.戻れない明日 / Modorenai Ashita
12.あの子の夢 / Ano Ko no Yume
13.ヒカリ / Hikari
14.トンネル / Tunnel

“向かいあわせ / Mukai Awase” / aiko
[Release Date]
2010/4/21 (Wed) / PONY CANYON

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