Hideaki Takizawa’s Next Step after 28th Birthday

Tackey&Tsubasa member’s Hideaki Takizawa (滝沢秀明) is being active on the stage currently. During the preparation of the new stage production “Takizawa Kabuki / 滝沢歌舞伎” which will start from April 4, he celebrated 28th birthday on March 29 and talked about current situation and thoughts on his own radio program “Takizawa Denba Jou/滝沢電波城”.

It is also the first time for Takizawa to work as a director, and usually he should have learned the lines and choreography one month before the performance, this time, however, because of the meetings with staff and instructing other performers, he has just started to learn the lines a few days ago. “I only have about half time for the rehearsal, it’s quite late. I don’t want to make audience feel like ‘oh there is one who forget his lines’, so I feel quite upset (laugh).” said Takizawa. It’s quite a tight schedule for him to play the main roles continuously in various large-scale stage productions.

On the other hand, although it is quite normal for Johnny’s president Mr.Kitagawa, who likes surprise at whim, make a lot of changes to the play barely right before the performance, it is Takizawa who is the director this time, and he has made careful preparation for everything, at a certain meaning he can wait for the first performance at ease.

It is worth mentioning that all actors are male this time and the rehearsal place is full of “the smell of men”. “We will say OOH together when someone makes a mistake, when we finish the work or when we go to have meal. It’s very boisterous at the spot. I enjoy it a lot.” It seems that Takizawa, who is a born big brother, has made a good atmosphere for his younger brothers.

As to the birthday, he said: “It’s so fast that I’m already 28 years old. But I will keep my young heart as always. It is 28-years-old me that can be the “Ai no Senshi TAKI Ranger (愛の戦士TAKIレンジャー)” (One of the characters appeared on Taki’s concert). But there is still something I can do only when I am young. Please keep you support to Hideaki Takizawa who is 28 years old. Thank you!” It has been 15 years since he became a member of Jr.. Facing with the coming 30s, he is challenging all sorts of things including direction. Let’s look forward to his next step!

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