Jam Hsiao earns big with commercials and concert tour

Jam Hsiao, who is increasingly popular in both Taiwan and mainland China, just received an endorsement deal from a drink brand in Shanghai. On the 30th, he filmed a sweet commercial with fellow colleague Amber Kuo. Jam even composed the theme song for the commercial: [Rose Romance/Mo Li Lian]. Since the beginning of this year, Jam has already received 6 endorsement deals plus a concert tour. He hopes to have earnings over a 100 million TWD this year.

Warner Music has revealed that Jam earns at least 1,000,000 TWD for each commercial. Of the four mainland commercials he has filmed so far, he has earned an average of 4,000,000 TWD. In sum of all his events, his earnings range around 5,000,000 TWD in total.

Besides preparing for his new album this year, Jam also is preparing for his [Mr. Rock] World Tour. Soon, he will begin performing in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong etc. There will also be 6 stages in mainland China which is a total of 2,000,000 RMB. His company expressed that Jam will probably rake in over 100 million by the end of March.

It was also coincidentally his 23rd birthday the same day of Jam’s recent endorsement event,. The event organizers warmly prepared him a birthday cake and Amber Kuo specially came to help celebrate. She represented Warner Music in gifting him with a guitar. Jam was especially overjoyed during this occasion.

While Amber wished Jam happy birthday, she also thanked him for giving her the chance to act alongside him in the commercial. When the host asked Jam why he chose Amber, Jam took some time to think. Then he replied: “Because I like her!”

The media and fans simultaneously cried out as Jam joked: “Not that way, I like her aura. She has a lot of talent in acting so I feel that we match well!”

s: asianfanatics


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