S.H.E talked about views on love. – interview with Marie Claire Magazine

SHE has been in the music industry for 9 years, not only has their careers gotten more successful, but they have also found a deeper understanding of love. Ella admits, she has learnt “to love is easy, difficult to have a lasting relationship”; Hebe although claiming to be “slave of love” but would not give up work for love; Selina confesses that maintaining a relationship is harder than work.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, SHE talked about their love attitudes. Ella said, to her love is a difficult but required course in life, “I have a very girlish side of me that only shows up in a relationship, two years ago, I’ve said, at the end of love there is only companionship, my thoughts haven’t change to this date. However, to be with one partner for the rest of my life is very difficult. ”

Hebe said, past and present, she is a slave to love, however, her enthusiasm for work will not be less than her enthusiasm for love, she would not give up work for love!

Selina said: “I now understand love will lessen as time goes by, passion will reduce, maintaining a relationship will not be any simplier than building a career, maybe even more difficult.”

s: asianfanatics


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