Ryosuke Yamada @ J-Stars Magazine

JUMP is very very warm, although I have so many other solo works, but I always feel relax when I come back to JUMP. Not my decision to be with another JUMP members, but I think it’s a fate. Because JUMP I can be like today. (*translator: Okay, anyone who said he likes NYC more than JUMP, I’ll kick their ass*)

Dorama Works
I think dorama is a place for me to developing myself. But I have to keep make efforts. When I watching Hidarime Tantei EYE, I felt there’s another actors that maybe can played Ainosuke better than me. That’s why I’m a little bit upset. I hope I can do something different. That’s why in serial Hidarime Tantei EYE I hope viewers can think that Ainosuke character can only be played by myself.

Last time I checked, I have about 300 mangas (*author: O_O I think I have to count my mangas at home . . .*) Looks like I’m a otaku, heh ? Hahaha. I think manga is very interesting and could become the learning materials. Until I become an adult I will keep reading manga.

I played soccer before join Johnny’s Jimusho. I won’t regret to leave soccer because my works this time giving some cool experience. But still, I like this sport.

Strawberry is my favorite. I really like eating strawberries until I think will my face turns red like strawberries, hahaha ! Although I like strawberries, it doesn’t mean I like the taste. That’s why even I like strawberry ice cream, I prefer soft cream one.

Two-Tyre Board
Among all Johnny’s members, I’m the only one the most skillful to play it. Whereas at first I bought it I think, “What the hell is this thing ?”, hahaha. Beacuse there are two tires on the board, so it’s difficult to keep balanced. Maybe because I keep curious and keep try, I can use it.

Although I’m the most person who tell a story about ghosts, no one understand. But recently Dai-chan (Daiki Arioka, his band mate in Hey!Say!JUMP) starts to like it too. It’s not interesting to tell horror stories alone. Luckily there’s Dai-chan. I hope he’s more like horror stories and learns more about ghosts, hahaha.

For me, family is the most important thing. Without family I will not live. Even though sometimes I’ve got arguments with my family, but suddenly we can reconcile each other. From each arguments I can be a little bit mature

For me, clothes it’s not important for me. Because now I don’t really want new clothes again. Exactly I take attention to accessories as the point, example: scarf. Besides, scarfs can warm you in the winter, right ? Hahaha.

Meat it’s delicious right ? Hahaha … But because I don’t like high-fat food, I don’t really like high-quality meat (*translator: oh yeah, same with you !!*). Because the same reason, I don’t like eating Ootoro (high-quality salmon) sushi. I only like Chutoro (opposite of Ootoro ?) . You can say I like cheap food, hahaha.


When fine weather, I like to go to the place that had a beautiful scenery. No need to go to for place. Only there is wide nature, it’s enough. When I live alone, I will choose that place to build a home.

Sora & Cookie
For me dogs are animals that can give support and calm down your feelings. When I tell to my parents that I want to have dogs, my parents say yes. I don’t really have to try to persuade them to get it. It’s beacuse long time ago I was bitten by a big dog. Now I like dogs. Because Sora and Cookie (his dogs’ name),  I understand that every creature has meaning soul (*translator: this is the part which stabbing much my heart*)

I’m happy when people said my voice is nice. To make that critics, I always to pour my hearts when singing, especially in concert. Cause I like to singing, I’ll try to increase my skill. Recently my voice get some difference. So I think I will sing many song with this.

I like dancing, Although my skills are not too great, but I won’t lose from everyone. I am the type who suddenly mastering a thing. I hope someday I will excellent at dancing.

Since dorama shooting, my sleeping time is reduced. I usually don’t have enough time to sleep. So, when dorama shooting, I felt, “Aah . . . If I have more time to sleep . . .” Hahaha ! (*translator: “Hahaha” ? It’s not good for you ! Just go to sleep and you will not feel anything ^^d*)

I am very thank to my fans. We, Hey!Say!JUMP keep trying hard for you all (*translator: You do, but don’t died because trying ^^*). So keep support me ! I am a type who trying to answer people’s hope.

s: virtualjapan.net


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  1. #1 by natalyamada on April 14, 2010 - 11:43 am

    ryosuke very good boy. i think he can played other character.ganbate kudasai ryokun

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