Next KAT-TUN single to lack Akanishi

Last month, it was announced that KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi (25) is set to spend several months in the United States to further his solo career, meaning that he will be unable to participate in KAT-TUN’s upcoming Asia tour. Now, it is being reported that he is also absent from the group’s next single, “Going!,” being released on May 12.

The song was recorded in late March, around the time of Akanishi’s U.S. concert announcement. Because Akanishi will be missing from the group’s tour and from any promotional events for the single, it was decided that the other five members would record the song without him.

Despite Johnny’s Jimusho’s statements to the contrary, there is much speculation that Akanishi is leaving KAT-TUN, fueled even more by this news. Akanishi is expected to stay in the U.S. until October, when his visa will expire, but he currently has no work scheduled after that. Sources say that there is a possibility of him making a long-term move to the U.S., but nothing has been finalized yet. In any case, it appears that Akanishi may eventually become an absentee member of KAT-TUN, even if he is not officially removed.

Akanishi’s trip to the U.S. includes just three concerts in Los Angeles so far, but he is considering doing a club tour as well, as he has already received some offers.

s: tokyograph



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