[Translation June] Hey!Say!MAP! Inoo and Yamada

Inoo x Yamada
This month, we intruded into the make up of the camera studio, where yamada and inoo kei’s hairstyle are being set while we chase after the process.

Picture translation: (follow by the arrows)
First picture of them pointing to their hair: from here we’ll be setting our hair.
Kei’s zzz picture to mirror image:
Kei : I’m gonna eat you~ Yamada : Just woke up from sleeping
Last picture,
kei: Is perm bad?! (I won’t say no but you’re going beyong extreme love~) Yamada last pic: kyahahahhahaha~
2nd page
Yamada: Just wait for a little while more ne ❤
Next pic :
Kei: Won’t you ever feel itchy? Yamada: Isn’t that different/wrong?
Arrow pointing at kei : Very free person.
Picture where stylist is spraying:
kei : the “too long” holding position pose.
Kei(with the curler): Doing the finishing touch myself
Kei: Ne,ne, listen to me~
Last picture: After everything it’s done!

Both of you leave your hairstyles to the stylist?!
Inoo: Yamachan, he recently cut his hair ne.
Yamada: Yeap, [Hidari tantei eye] is over, so I had it cut!
Inoo: The beauty salon, how often do you go there once in a while?
Yamada: Around once every 3 months. Probably, it would be best if I totally don’t go at all that’s what I think.
Inoo: There are people who go through the trouble just to go there for treatment ne.
Yamada: Me too, for the time being I do treatment weekly. However it’s at home though.
Inoo: For me, recently I have a rinse. And like, what’s the difference between rinse and treatment?
Yamada: When they apply the treatment they will release by 5 minutes.
Inoo:Ah~ I see.(Note from the editors: The real answer is, because of the protein, rinse = the surface of the hair, treatment = the scalps and everything are treated properly so there is a difference)
Yamada: Having a perm seems rather damaging(to the hair), it’s better to do proper treatment at the salon.
Inoo: For me, other then getting my perm I totally don’t go to the salon at all. (O_O)
Yamada: Perm, seems like rather comforting ne.
Inoo: In the morning,even when I have bed hair, it seems to have this trendy feeling yo.
Yamada: ahhh~ that’s good~ me too, when I wear feathers at the nap of my neck it kinda looks like a perm.
Inoo: Yamachan, seems like the type that goes to the salon and is particular about the order.
Yamada: nope,i leave it all to them. I told them [ Please keep it light] and when it owns, this time’s hairstyle is like that too.
seems to be hesitating I was lost sitting there while he was cutting, but I think it’s a good choice to leave it up to the hairdresser.
Inoo: Me too me too. [ Please do it to how you like it.] (laugh) due to this liberty, it’s already been 2-3 years since I went to the same beautician, because of that I have a trusting relationship with the person already ne.
Yamada: For me, when I go to the salon the times changing type, I don’t even realise who cuts my hair.
Inoo: oh its like that?
Yamada: yup, right now, I recommended keito there so now we go there together ne.
Inoo: then, you’ve never had a failed hairstyle before?
Yamada: when I did a drama some time ago, I didn’t have time to go to the salon, so I cut my hair myself. And after that I had straight bangs. The choreography instructor told me I look like an otaku.(laugh)
Inoo:For me, I didn’t cut my hair personally either. I don’t want to have the feeling of failure/disappointment!
Yamada: Yeap, if you aren’t someone whose very skilful you shouldn’t do it.
Yamada’s past attack, founded a era where he was a blonde!
Inoo: When I was in kindy, I wanted red hair like an anime character, so I dyed my hair red. Despite my mum’s constant protest, i did it once in the bathroom, but, the dye didn’t work much. The colour of the bath, I’ve never forget the liquid and the smell that filled the bathroom. So since then, I always mention this and there will never be a second time(for the red hair thing I guess)
Yamada:When I was in kindergarden I was a kimpa. ( their slang for blonde lads) yo.
Inoo: Eh, serious? Unbelivable!! I couldn’t get my hair red and I was frustrated. Were you really a blonde?!
Yamada: Somehow ne~my parents did it against my will (what kind of parents are those?!srsly….I WANT!HAHA)
Inoo: When I was in kindergarten, this kind of mischevious kid, If it’s possible, befriending this kind of person seems interesting(but a young person like that doesn’t exist that time).If I had to guess it’s seems rather unapproachable too.
Yamada: It wasn’t really normal yo. I have a lot of friends but. If someone like that exist, most probably will just be passerby(friends).
Inoo: ehhhhh~ Then, go dye your hair blonde again and we’ll see yo!
Yamada: It probably doesn’t suit me.
Inoo: For me, before I die I want to try a real (whole head)white colour and see ~
Yamada: Before you die, you’ll already be naturally growing out white hair~( yamada is so cute here. XD)
Inoo:Ah~ That’s true. Then, I shall try once more the kindy colour that I want, I want to see the red that I wanted to have. And then, [Dragonball] Vegeta ‘s hairstyle too, I always wanted to try that out and see ne.
Yamada: Inoo-kun’s suitable hairstyle, can only overtake the current situation.!! For me, I kind of want to see the rinsing even if it’s just for a bit!
Inoo: Yamachan seems to like yankee (jap gangster / delinquent) manga ne. it’s a big surprise and it seems impossible。
Yamada: But , to change hairstyles, it takes courage ne…
Inoo: That’s right. The both of us have the hairstyle that’s the most suitable for us ne. (ARE U SURE LOL,maybe for yamachan but you? Hmmmm…..)

From yamada to the past inoo.
The appearance didn’t really change much ne. At first, I thought inoo kun is a reserved person. But, he’s quite a chatterbox(laugh). For inoo kun, he’s JUMP’s brain. When I have problems studying, please take care of me!

From inoo to the past yamada.
The face is round!(HAHAHAHHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS!you’ve pretty chubby cheeks too you bimbo.)This innocent smiling face,it has a idol feel, it’s wonderful. Yamachan, when JUMP was form,wasn’t really sociable. Because both of us have pet dogs, l want to go for a dog run(a facility where owners and their dogs run/ play/ exercise freely without a leash, something like a dog park) together na. (jam and an vs sora and cookie?! I WANNA SEE!)

s: virtualjapan.net

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