ARASHI – Spiral (Monster’s B-side)

Spiral serves as the B-side no. in ARASHI’s 30th single Monster which will be released on 19th May .

The A-side serves as the theme song to the TV drama Kaibutsu-kun starring Ohno Satoshi .

Spiral has been described as a dance no. & you can find the inclusion of Sakurap in the song .

I was expecting another Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ but on 1st listen , Spiral surprised me .

Just like Monster , what I like about Spiral is that even though both are pop , they have that edge/uniqueness that I was looking for in the single .

Spiral took a while for me to adjust to as it wasn’t catchy as what I was hoping for as compared to Monster but I must admit Spiral’s a grower as each listen goes by & somehow or another , the inclusion of Sakurap seems to make the song even more better in sounding .

After disappointing me with 2/3 of what their last single Troublemaker offered , I’m glad to say that ARASHI has restored my music faith towards the guys (for now) with this really smashing single offering .

I hope Monster will be the single to outsell Troublemaker in due time when it’s out on 19th May as to me , I feel the former deserves it a lot more than the latter .

It has been 2 years + since the release of their last album Dream”A”live & really , they should release a new album , it’s more or less about time it should happen .

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