Freedom is GIRL NEXT DOOR’s 8th single . It will be released on 16th June & it’s the trio’s 1st single release for 2010 after the release of their 2nd album NEXT FUTURE which took place on 20th Jan & it’s the trio’s 1st album to debut at #1 in the 1st week of release .

The A-side serves as the theme song for the ANB drama Jotei Kaoruko .

If you’re expecting another simliar sounding A-side material from the trio , prepared to get surprised when you hear Freedom .

I was definitely surprised in a good way when I 1st heard Freedom . For once , the trio has decided to release something different as what they normally put out .

Freedom is angsty , edgy & gritty & you don’t get any sugary electro pop vibes while listening to it & to me , it’s quite easy to compare Freedom against some of the tracks in NEXT FUTURE such as Tri△ngle & Muboubi na Jun’ai (Defenseless Pure Love) as all the 3 songs have that whole angsty vibes going on in them .

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