TVXQ JaeChunSu’s dome concert receives over 1 million ticket applicants

After the breaking news that SM Entertainment would file a lawsuit against JaeChunSu (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) ofTVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki, it has been announced that the infamous trio would be holding a concert to thank their fans.
Earlier this month on the 15th, TVXQ’s Japanese label Avex announced, “It has been decided that the three members will become a unit. To convey their gratitude for the fans, they will be holding a Dome Live event.” However, as the tickets were in high demand, they held a
drawing to distribute the tickets to eager fans. They accepted applications on the tickets from the 19th to the 22nd.
It seems as if the fans have been “keeping the faith” as, to everyone’s surprise, they received over one million ticket applicants! The Vice President of Avex relayed his shock through this message on his blog, “I think there will be many fans who will be disappointed at the drawing results. We’ve received over one million applicants. Please understand us.”
On the 28th, the first round of results was posted. From the original one million applicants, only 18 people were chosen.
Avex feels as if they will run into problems when general ticket sales start and Korean fans feel the same. Korean fans who wanted to attend the concerts feel that they are at a disadvantage, with some stating, “What are overseas fans supposed to do?” and “If you have left over seats, why even bother holding a drawing?”
The concert will be held on June 5th and 6th in the Osaka Dome as well as on the 12th and 13th in the famed Tokyo Dome.

Pretty awesome news that despite the turmoil, this shows TVXQ’s ever increasing popularity in Japan. Bonus tweet of Masato Matsuura (President of Avex) tweeting about Jaejoong and his cellphone wallpaper:

“BTW the last time I was w/ JEJUNG, I unintentionally saw the picture on his cell wallpaper, which still showed all 5 members.”

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