Arashi Members Speaking a Brand New Language in the New CM

Arashi member Sho Sakurai and Jun Matsumoto made their appearance on the CM production press conference of mobile phone brand “au” in Tokyo. When Sakurai went on the stage, he said: “*+?@^\…” something so mysterious that no one could understand. However, Matsumoto continued saying: “*+?@^\…” and kept audience’ mouths wide open. In fact, it was the “reverse word” which was reversed from the normal-ordered speaking. What Sakurai and Matsumoto just said were: “Hello everybody, this is Sakurai/Matsumoto.” Two versions of the new CM were setting in a motel, and it was the first time to say all the lines in “reverse word” in a CM. Sakurai commented: “It felt like I was speaking a foreign language. And I enjoyed the CM shooting while imaging what I was saying.” To Matsumoto, who has more lines than Sakurai in the CM, “It’s quite difficult because I had never heard about this kind of word. Sometimes it was just frustrating. But it was fun anyway.”

The new CM will be on air from May 30th. A “reverse video” will be also available on au’s official website from June 5th.

s: musicjapanplus

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