Koda Kumi Beautifully Singing the Contrasts of “Yin and Yang “

It’s been 10 years since Koda Kumi’s debut and on her new single “Gossip Candy”, which will be released on July 7th two very special songs are recorded. “Inside Fishbowl” and “Outside Fishbowl” are two songs with the same melody, yet the musical intervals and the lyrics are very different. At first the song was meant to be the title track, yet, before the voice recording, Koda wanted to challenge the matching of the key notes. “So how if I try both, high and low key?”

“While the perspective I could express changed despite the same arrangement, I wanted to write lyrics for each of it”, Koda suggested and the making of two songs was eventually decided. Form the writing of the lyrics, over deciding on the melodies to the CD jacket design, this records has been a self-production by her,. “I want to keep challenging myself as a vocalist. The singing of the two songs is completely different, which was difficult during recording and will be difficult during lives, however, I wanted to express how much music can change”, she commented.

Those two rocking songs, which are sung be her with overwhelming strength and turned out to be real jewels, show the contrasts – like yin and yang – in the mind of a woman.

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    Have you seen Koda Kumi’s newest single? I reviewed it and you can also listen to the tracks here and comment:

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