S/mileage’s Debut Single Is SOLD OUT

Just recently, S/mileage have been celebrating their major debut. About the night before, with all the hopes and fears that might arise from such an event, Fukuda Kanon simply said that she “had slept like always” with a smile on her lips, showing great mental strength.

“We don’t think that it is a natural thing to just release a CD and we would like to become a group which puts a lot of feeling into each song”, the girls said, before moving on to the Shibuya TOWER RECORDS store. However, their major debut single “Yume Miru 15 Sai” was sold out by 3 in the afternoon.

“Don’t you have any more CD’s in stock”, the group members confirmed with the store’s staff, only to find that on Friday May 27th the CDs are going to be restocked. All over Tokyo the CDs seemed to have eventually run out in various places, so everyone who did not get a copy of the girls major debut single that day, had to wait the 27th to eventually get one at TOWER RECORDS eventually the next day.

s: musicjapanplus

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