Amuro Back with New Single in July

It’s been obvious that a new single would be coming up for Amuro, but now CD Japan confirms the release of her first single since the release of “PAST < FUTURE.” The new release will be a double a-side featuring a rock-influenced dance number, “Break It” and a ballad, “Get Myself Back.” The former track can currently be heard in Coke Zero ads featuring Amuro, while the latter track was premiered earlier last month during her ongoing tour. The single is set for release on July 28th, 2010 as a standalone CD and CD+DVD package containing music videos for both tracks.

Namie Amuro: “Break It / Get Myself Back”
[ CD+DVD | AVCD-31897 | 1,890 yen (tax in) | 2010.07.28 ]
[ CDS | AVCD-31898 | 1,050 yen (tax in) | 2010.07.28 ]

s: CD Japan, AMX

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