Info about Ogawa Mana’s first album

First the tracklisting from
1. Suppin Rock (スッピンロック)
2. MAP ~Mirai no Chizu~ (MAP~未来の地図~)
3. Jealousy to iu ka Nanto iu ka (ジェラシーというかなんというか)
4. Zenbu Uso Janai yo (全部 ウソじゃないよ)
5. Teenage Blues (ティーネイジ ブルース)
6. Genki ni Nare! (元気になれっ!)
7. Keep on dreamin’!
8. Hitoribocchi no Watashi (一人ぼっちの私)
9. Mabushii Yuuki wo Mune ni Himete (眩しい勇気を胸に秘めて)
10. Oozora ni Mukatte (大空に向かって)

And then this is from a fan. Up-Front Channel uploaded a silent video preview of Hitoribocchi no Watashi a while ago. The fan added sound from a preview on Barks.

The sound was taken from a video about the recording of her album – viewable here.

s: aratheydidnt

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