2PM’s sleeping habits revealed, “Nich Khun snores”

Group 2PM members’ unique sleeping habits revealed.

2PM members Nich Khun, WooYoung, JunHo and ChanSung were recently on KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell to be aired on 5th June when they revealed one another’s sleeping habits. ChanSung revealed, “I have ‘groped’ member WooYoung before,” which had the other guest appearances shocked.

WooYoung then explained, “I was sleeping in the living with ChanSung at the dorm once, and I have been beaten by him in his sleep before. He even had his leg crossed over to my side, that I almost got suffocated once by him.” JunHo added, “There was once ChanSung suddenly woke up in his sleep to close the lid of his notebook and then he got back to sleep.”

With that, MC Ji SeokJin asked, “Someone angelic like Nich Khun, does he have any sleeping habits?”

WooYoung then revealed, “Even Nich Khun whose sleeping features are also pretty snores.” MC Kang SooJung then commented, “It seems that it will happen when one is tired. But I still like Nich Khun even if he snores.” showing her affection towards Nich Khun.

The show is set to air at 5.15pm on 5th June.



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