Jiro Wang loses sleep over trying to be funny

Jiro Wang is putting his Fahrenheit image aside to take on the hosting duties of a new variety show on CTS. He’s not too concerned about being labeled a comedian, as he believes a career in entertainment should cover all areas. The star said he is feeling the pressure already but he won’t be battling alone. The new show 綜藝大國民 (roughly translates to Variety Citizens) also features Local King Jacky Wu, Kang Kang-lookalike Frankie Huang (黃鐙輝), 5566’s Tony Sun and Zax Wang as his cohosts.

Jiro Wang has previously hosted a show on one of the music channels. He thought hosting simply meant standing and talking, but he found out there was a lot more to it, like filming on location, rehearsing dance numbers, practicing new talents and almost everything imaginable, “There are many things to learn, it’s like doing a concert every week.”

He is also not worried about damaging his idol image, and said his main principle is to bring laugher to the audience, “I’m a Virgo, which tend to become nervous easily. Over the past few days of preparation, along with editing my new book ‘Van Gogh and Me: Jiro Wang’s words, drawings, images’, I couldn’t sleep for more than 4 hours a day.”

The new show will premiere on June 19th at 8 pm. Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Jiro Wang and Frankie Huang attended a dance rehearsal last week, but the local king was noticeably absent. Zax Wong said, “Jacky Wu has always wanted to be in an idol group. This combo should satisfy his wish.” Jiro Wang added that their style of dance is modern, and he also reminded the production to get Jacky Wu a teleprompter.

s: chinatimes

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