F.Cuz advises Taiwan fans not to give them bubble tea

F.Cuz will land in Taiwan on the 18th, and they will be holding a fan meeting on the 20th.

Since the members are currently on a diet, their management company has forbid them to snack when they go to Taiwan. In addition, their management company would also like to advise the fans not to waste money to buy food for the group or give F.Cuz any yummy bubble tea drinks as it might be too tempting for the members to resist. F.Cuz comments, “We heard the fans in Taiwan are very friendly. We look forward to seeing them soon!”

s: cpopaccess


  1. #1 by Danik on June 20, 2010 - 9:06 pm

    Come on ! What wrong with having few Bubble Tea shots. Its a light drink. Go F.cuz you all look fine say no to diet.

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