Boy band hotties Hit-5 visit Taiwan, sets their sights high

Labeled as mainland China’s first major boy band, pop idol group Hit-5 made a recent visit to Taiwan not only to make preparations for their latest album, but to also pay their respects to their seniors and professionals in the field. The five guys of the group were grateful to have gone to many places to receive the guidance and teachings imparted by everyone there, and they were most honored with being able to take part and getting their feet wet in Taiwan’s highly-watched variety show circuit.

The five members of Hit-5 consist of leader and rapper Guo Ziyu 郭子渝 , lead vocalist Duan Huangwei 段黃巍, lead dancer and group rep Gao Yu 高宇, and supporting vocalists Yang Fan 楊帆 and Dong Yufeng 董玉峰. Even though the members were originally enlisted in Beijing, all five members hail from different provinces in China. Yet despite their Chinese origins, the group have often been confused as either being a group of ABCs (American-born Chinese) or Koreans. So whenever they have to explain themselves to spectators, they often feel awkward and confused.

The first variety show program that Hit-5 participated in was Go Go Genius 天才衝衝衝, and they felt especially easy-going and entertained while on the set of the popular Taiwanese show. The hosts of Go Go Genius, Cheng Cheng 城城 and Nai Ge 乃哥 also praised the boy band while on the show, proclaiming that they had a fierce tiger-like spirit as they participated in the program’s activities.

The group also made an appearance on Taiwan’s most popular talent show program Super Idol 超級偶像 as guest artists for the program’s PK theme, where the contestants on the show compete against guest artists in a singing duel to see if they’re safe to move on to next week’s competition or if they face judgement for getting axed or not by the judges at the end of the program. The five guys were selected randomly by one of the contestants, Sunny Luo 羅晴, early in the show, where they performed live one of their new singles “Love 愛”. The group soon discovered firsthand how difficult it was to earn the top spot on stage in the talent show program as contestant Sunny outscored the group with her acoustic guitar performance. In the end though, the boys of Hit-5 gained some valuable experience from their apperance on Super Idol, as the judges offered valuable feedback of their performance and the group received live performance experience in front of a Taiwanese audience.

Hit-5 on Go Go Genius:

Hit-5 on Super Idol:

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