7 members selected for SKE48’s 3rd single release on July 7th

AKB48’s sister group SKE48 is releasing their 3rd single “GOMEN NE, SUMMER,” on July 7th and 7 members have been selected for the song.

Below is the list of the selected members:

Matsui Jurina (team S)-10th in the election

Matsui Rena (team S)-11th in the election

Yagami Kumi (team S)

Ishida Anna (team KII)

Takayanagi Akane (team KII)

Mukaida Manatsu (team KII)

Kizaki Yuria (trainee)

This is the first time for Ishida Anna and Kizaki Yuria to be selected as main vocal members.  Other non-selected members will still be in the music video, but will showcase their vocals in the  follow up tracks.

Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena will be on the single jacket of the regular edition type A and type B.

Source: Oricon style/tokyohive

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